Our people are self-determining and self-sustainable. Tino Rangatiratanga.

The Noaia Charitable Trust was established in August 2018 and is the only pan-sector specialist Māori and Pasifika trust of its kind within
Te Waipounamu.

We work collaboratively with our networks of influencers including employers, iwi, rūnanga, hapū, Pasifika churches and communities to ensure our programmes are fit for purpose and meet the needs of both community and industry demand. We have several priorities which aim to:

  • Develop and grow meaningful connections with whānau, through Noaia being in the community and the community being in Noaia
  • Develop culturally confident people and their whānau
  • Increase whānau economic well being, security and prosperity
  • Increase whānau self-sustainability and self-management
  • Develop strong and resilient people, whānau and kaupapa

We are committed to a future where our people are proud of their identity, succeed in society and are positive and active contributors to our national economy.


To grow whānau prosperity through developing meaningful and sustainable pathways for our people to realise their potential.



Increase Whānau Engagement

Strategic Focus Areas
Develop and grow meaningful connections with our whānau whānui
Strategic Actions
Meaningful engagement and connection with community, hapū, iwi, churches and local organisations.

Engage and connect pan-industry employers with a particular focus on Māori and Pasifika business owners.

Develop sustainable relationships and partnerships with manawhenua, hapū, iwi, kura, industry, education providers and crown agencies.

Grow our connections in Te Waipounamu and across Aotearoa with a strong focus on areas of high deprivation and low income whānau.

Key Indicators & Measures of Success

+1000 whānau are successfully engaged in Noaia programmes.

Develop a network of over 100 Māori and Pasifika employers, including community organisations, kura and tertiary providers.

  • Regions across Te Waipounamu
  • Canterbury (2019)
  • Southland (2019)
  • West Coast (2020)
  • X1 region Te Ika a Māui (2021)

Increase Whānau Cultural Capital

Strategic Focus Areas
Develop culturally confident people and their whānau
Strategic Actions
Increase whānau cultural identity and self-awareness

Develop and deliver strong cultural programming that is centred around our values

Our kaupapa, for our people, by our people and to our people.

Key Indicators & Measures of Success
+1000 whānau can stand confidently, mihi, do their pepeha and are proud to participate in their culture.

+1000 cultural leaders and role models are developed through Noaia.

Increase Whānau Engagement

Strategic Focus Areas

Develop a highly skilled and capable Māori and Pasifika workforce

Strategic Actions
  • Increase qualification attainment.
  • Increase achievement levels.
  • Increase whānau income levels.
  • Decrease Māori unemployment levels at a national, regional and whānau level.
  • High value career pathways, where the living wage is a minimum.
  • Develop and support our people into leadership and management positons.
  • Nurture, support and develop our people to start their own businesses.
  • Whānau participating in wealth creation.
Key Indicators & Measures of Success

+1000 will have attained a meaningful qualification.

+1000 will have attained a driver license.

+1000 will be in meaningful employment and career pathways.

+100 will be in leadership/management positions or started their own enterprise.

All whānau engaged in Noaia are participating in some form of wealth creation activity.

Increase Whānau Engagement

Strategic Focus Areas
Develop strong and resilient people, whānau and kaupapa
Strategic Actions
Develop strong and resilient people through delivery of meaningful mentoring and leadership programming.

Develop sustainable whānau through the delivery of meaningful wrap around support systems.

Develop culturally strong, sustainable and resilient kaupapa through seeking opportunities to develop and evolve.

Grow and develop whānau to ensure they are active participants in society.

Whānau tino rangatiratanga, self-determination.

Key Indicators & Measures of Success
+1000 tauira are sustaining their jobs due to high value and meaningful mentoring and leadership programmes.

100% satisfaction on all evaluation of Noaia activities.

All whānau are actively participating in society and practicing their own tino rangatiratanga


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