Te Kete Whanau Mahi

The focus of this programme is to streamline rangatahi and wider whānau into meaningful and sustainable employment pathways across a range of sectors.

Whanau Mahi is tailored to meet the needs of both industry demand and our community. It offers a stepping stone for our whānau to gain the relevant skills needed to enter the sector in which they want to pursue a career.

We believe that our people have the DNA to do anything they want and be anything they want, no matter what the barrier. Through our leadership and mentoring programme we provide the support and guidance to keep our people on track and to help them achieve their aspirations.
Whanau Mahi is an innovative programme that offers a unique blend of pre-employment and on job-training opportunities, leadership, mentoring and industry specific coaching, whilst being underpinned by our cultural values of Te Ao Maori.

Our programme consists of:

Week1/3 : Te Arero o Te Taniwhā (Taniwhas Tongue)

Intensive development of soft skills- goal setting, team building mechanisms, health and wellbeing facilitations. This is done with the overarching principal of Tikanga Maori entwined with the values and principles of our Pacific cousins. We will have guest speakers/ industry specific speakers/Whanau Ora/kaihautu/employer representatives/trust stakeholders to present. . The week will finish off with preparation towards the following weeks training courses and a cultural close off of our first week’s engagement.

  • Noho Marae/Cultural training
  • Team building
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Whakawhanaungatanga
  • Goal setting
  • Iwi Recognition
  • Guest Speakers/Site
  • Specific visits
  • Preparation for micro
  • Qualifications
Weeks 4/5 : Mahia Te Mahi (Keep Moving Forward )
Mahia Te Mahi will consist of industry specific qualifications. We have a range of courses available to tailor the needs of the employer and the direction in which whanau choose to lead in to. Having the ability to cover a range of entry level qualifications and understanding of the respective sector they are going to enter into gives whanau a head start into employment. Dependent on qualifications chosen that are tailored to the tauira, the NZQA credits offered, range from 35 to 120 mixed level 2/3/4 Credits. We will look to expand our offerings of micro-credentials and short course qualifications as and when demand and supply direct.

Industry specific qualifications that are tailored to suit.

  • Multiple Industry Certifications
  • Industry knowledge and short course experience gained
  • Drivers licencing/Upgrades
  • Health and safety Certification and Qualifications
  • Individual/Personal Development.
Weeks 5/8 : Tō Timatanga hou (Your New Beginning)
  • Sector specific placement/employment transition
  • Employment secured
  • Work experience secured
  • Interviews
  • External partner Sector specific delivery programmes.
Weeks 9/11 : Ko Koe Ano Te Kaiwhakaura i tō Āpōpo (You are the creator of your tomorrow)

These weeks consist of follow-up individual kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) hui with tauira for ongoing support through the transitional phase to employment. Within weeks 9/10/11, a support mechanism will be activated in the form of multiple engagements and Kaitiakitanga of whanau. These 3 weeks are in place for ongoing training, further sector qualifications and health and wellbeing support in and outside of work. Within this mechanism we will activate a 24/7 0800 support line to our whanau that is directed at our Senior Kaitiaki/Mahi Ora (on job mentor) to offer all facets of support around the clock.

  • Kaitiaki & Whanau Ora approach support service
  • Personal journey overview
  • 24/7 Kaitiaki phone line service for Tauira
  • Digital kaitiaki service activated
Week 12 : Te Wiki Hautupua (Celebration Week)

Te wiki Hautupua is our celebration week. Celebrating the successes of our tauira through hakari, putting down hangi , team building exercises and a final reconnection through cultural training. The final celebration day will be solely in place to celebrate the collective progression of our cohort and their whanau who will attend. To give them a day to remember their achievements and attribute the positive outlook of their individual future pathways.

  • Employer day with over 30 employers/stakeholders.
  • Marae day- Individual whakapapa stories
  • Activity day
  • Haircuts/styled, personal hygiene workshop and interview dress wear acquired, Make up tutorials for our wahine cohort.
  • Celebration hakari based at the marae with invitation of ministers, employers, and whanau of tauira, stakeholders, media and funders. Certificate presentation and celebration.
  • Whanau story’s and achievements celebrated